The strings we use for our performances are all from natural gut, including the bourdon strings (which are dyed in oxidized pigment).

According to sources ranging from the earliest treatises to the most modern studies, the preferred material for making strings seems to be gut or intestines of either goat, sheep, ram or lamb, more specifically the latter two for bourdons and low strings. The manufacturing process of the strings, which consists of cleaning and removing all layers of flesh, treatment, twisting and stretching, is basically consistent in most of the sources. Collagen is the principal component from which the strings were made. Dying the low strings or bourdons with pigments is mentioned in different epochs and time periods. Furthermore, the colour in which the strings are usually depicted, in easily visible iconographical evidence, consistently appears the same throughout.

An organic element such as gut strings, composed of collagen, fat and gelatine remains of animals, brought into tension and vibrating lively by the friction of the bow, is an essential part of the sound production of chordophones. In addition, gut strings contribute in transmitting vibrations to the delicate sound box of the instrument.

9. Sale la blanca aurora // Blas de Castro
  1. 9. Sale la blanca aurora // Blas de Castro
  2. 8. Ya no les pienso pedir // Blas de Castro
  3. 7. A coronarse de flores // Blas de Castro
  4. 6. Ansares y Menga // Blas de Castro
  5. 5. Si tus ojos divinos // Blas de Castro
  6. 4. Porque alegre venga el Sol // Blas de Castro
  7. 3. Estabase el aldeana // Blas de Castro
  8. 20. Tan triste vivo en mi aldea // Blas de Castro
  9. 2. Del cristal de Mancanares // Blas de Castro
  10. 19. Desata el pardo o(c)tubre // Blas de Castro
  11. 18. Que hermosa fueras, Belilla // Blas de Castro
  12. 17. Tienes nina en tus ojos // Blas de Castro
  13. 16. Desiertos campos, arboles somb // Blas de Castro
  14. 15. Alamos del soto, adios // Blas de Castro
  15. 14. Ojos negros que os mirais // Blas de Castro
  16. 13. Tus imbidias me hablan // Blas de Castro
  17. 12. Entre dos alamos verdes // Blas de Castro
  18. 11. Si a la fiesta de San Juan // Blas de Castro
  19. 10. Para todos alegres // Blas de Castro
  20. 1. Desde las Torres del Alma // Blas de Castro